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On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, from 6 - 8 PM join SUNSOAKED for an evening of (higher)Self-tending with Tarot and crystal-guided journaling. In this SUNSOAKED experience, you will increase your knowledge of crystals, Tarot and yourself while propagating a journaling practice that might serve you long-term.    


We will learn, practice and commune with one another. 




We will meet one another, share a little bit about ourselves and our interests in the Tarot. Then, get into a little bit of Tarot and crystal theory and practice; intended to increase feelings of psychological safety while working with the Tarot.  


We will touch on: 

  • cultivating (higher)Self-Ego dialogue

  • reparenting 

  • personal bias-awareness  

  • journaling techniques with crystals and Tarot




Together we will box breathe, with our crystals. Independently we will shuffle and pull a tarot reading for ourselves. Then, we will all have time to journal.  



At the end close of our experience there will be time to mix and mingle with one another and have an after-hours shopping experience at Femme Fatale DC. 

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