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  SUN(Soak)ED + Relaxed: 


  A line of bath bombs with crystal inclusions from Soak + Relax and SUNSOAKED.  

The SUN(soak)ed + Relaxed: Third Eye Energizer features polished SUNSOAKED Amethyst from Madagascar within a Eucalyptus and Cucumber, hand-made, tub fizzing, bath-bomb by Soak + Relax. 


Ritualistic bathing practices infuse healing with luxury. Bathing with the SUN(soak)ed + Relaxed: Third Eye Energizer Bath Bomb is a peace-claiming immersive, relaxing as hell, healing experience. 


Amethyst crystal invites us to embrace transformative power in protected spaces. Eucalyptus lowers pressure and inflammation in the body; soothes the respiratory system and stimulates clear thinking while cucumber detoxifies the skin and cuticles. 


Make healing, relaxing, peace-claiming your ritual - immerse your body + nurture your mind. Reduce inflammation; clear your breathing passages and soften tension in the body. Invite mind and body into balance. 


Hold your the SUN(soak)ed + Relaxed: Third Eye Energizer Bath Bomb  in hand: While your tub fills - set Intention: “I embrace transformative power: turning fear to bravery; anxiety to enthusiasm and anger to spiritual wisdom” 


When the tub is full and you are ready allow energy and aroma fill the waters. Immerse yourself. Soak and relax with a SUNSOAKED crystal calling your mind and body into alignment.

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