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SUNSOAKED is a holistic effort dedicated to insight, action, and growth with a bias-aware + trauma-informed approach to (higher)Self-Tending with Tarot, Human Design, and crystals. We connect one-on-one, in groups, and through our periodic podcast SUNSOAKED Tarot. 

Our Crystal Philosophy: SUNSOAKED Crystals are beautiful, earthy, totems that call upon our highest vibrations, inviting us to be perceptive, mutable, and self-revolutionary. 

Our Tarot Philosophy: Tarot is a mutualistic and spherical archetypal narrative, useful as a (higher)Self-exploratory and reflective practice. The Tarot invites us to explore what is specific to us in the context of our unifying humanity. 


Briget Heidmous [Washington DC] is a Tarot reader and educator, artist, and social-enterprise thought leader. Briget has a bias-aware and trauma-informed approach to (higher)Self-Tending. Briget professionalized her Tarot practice in 2018 and launched SUNSOAKED in 2020.

To learn more about Briget,

Tarot Reader in Residence at The Line Hotel, DC from March April 2022 - October 2023.


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