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Insights to consider. Inspirations for action. Incredible growth.

Affirmation Invitations is a deck of cards with affirmations that are also invitations to speak kindly to yourself, take action towards a dream, and care for your needs as they arise and you evolve. 

Affirmation Invitations are fantastic starting points for: 

  • journal prompting

  • sparking conversations with our intimates 

  • displaying on your altar 

  • inclusion on a vision board

  • as content for tarot readings

Does this sound like something you're interested in? Join the waitlist. 

Join the waitlist.

Stay tuned!


You're Invited! 

SUNSOAKED invites you to speak kindly to yourself, and share that kindness with others. 


Our internal monologues and recurring thoughts profoundly impact our lives. SUNSOAKED Affirmation Invitations do just that: invite you to affirm your higher self. 

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