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Updated: May 12

An energetic filter: become fortified in choice-making and managing inherited pre-dispositions that keep life chaotic, imbalanced, and reactionary. With more space and clarity, transmute negativity, addictions, nervousness, and anxiety into neutral states. For those sensitive to physical environments, carry this crystal with you: Protect against the trauma projections of others, electromagnetic pollutants, and other smogs. Release grief.

With tenderness hold space for your emotional body to meet intellect; let yourself safely view situations spherically (from all sides, rotating on an axis, like the crystal in your hand) - reach your own conclusions. Allow yourself to oscillate safely between empathetic and clinical. Engage creative thinking: musicians, writers, and visual artists, this stone is for you.

Hold this stone close as we develop a new language that defines our future.

Especially useful in Virgo and Uranus placements, those with Mercury in Gemini, Solar Plexus, and Heart, connecting Higher Heart to Throat Chakras. And valuable for creative thinking.

"I create my world through choice and rely on emotion and intellect to guide me."


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