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Updated: Jun 28

An energetic filter: become fortified in choice-making and managing inherited pre-dispositions that keep life chaotic; imbalanced and reactionary. With more space and clarity transmute negativity; addictions; nervousness; anxiety into neutral states. For those sensitive to physical environments carry this crystal with you: Protect against the trauma projections of others; electromagnetic pollutants and other smogs. Release grief.

With tenderness hold space for your emotional body to meet intellect; let yourself safely view situations spherically (from all sides, rotating on an axis, like the crystal in your hand) - reach your own conclusions. Allow yourself to oscillate safely between empathetic and clinical. Engage creative thinking; musicians, writers, and visual artists this stone is for you.

Hold close, to this stone, in this era as we develop a new language that is defining our future.

Especially useful in Virgo and Uranus placements; those with Mercury in Gemini; Solar Plexus; Heart, connecting Higher Heart to Throat Chakras. And useful for creative thinking.

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