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Amethyst, Pink

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

A stone of secure (higher) Self-love. Integrate the mental, emotional, and physical to form a healthful, resounding love; define divine love in a language all your own. Allow your heart to open, to release anxiety; anger; resentment; defeat; grief and call in enthusiasm; peace; neutrality; prosperity; and joy. Keep in mind: Happiness is the ephemeral by-product of fulfillment, the root of which is joy.

Access your Crown Chakra to call ancestral, elevated, intuition into the ways in which we perceive ourselves and the world. Connect our divine multiverse with an enlivened heart-space and emotional body. Engage confidently in the praxis of reparenting; give your inner space to be, play, and explore with your trauma-informed parental guidance - begin all healing by forgiving yourself for the patterns and behaviors you embraced when you were simply trying to survive (even if that was this morning or a second ago. Healing is every-day.)

Especially useful in Cancer; Aquarius; Leo; Neptune; Jupiter and Pluto placements.

"Mutability is my birthright."

Pink Amethyst, found only in Patagonia, Argentina is an Amethyst leaning or "manganese" Quartz. Hematite minerals are integrated during the fluid stage of the natural, geologic, process of crystallization. This is a naturally occurring stone.


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