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Sanctuary Energized

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Sanctuary, is safe harbor.

It is in you. When we heal ancestral karma we overcome past traumas, let go of rage, to make space for patience and courage. A sanctuary is a spacious, safe, opening that welcomes both the weary and the energized.

Hematite, Howlite and Rose Quartz work synchronistically. Charge them, work with them - keep them on your altar.

When we embrace our “shadow self” or the self we feel less comfortable with - we open our hearts to self-compassion, self-trust and self-worth.

The Sanctuary Energy Guide features Hematite, Howlite and Rose Quartz. This trio is the grounded protected harmony. Or sanctuary. Together they support past life work, trauma healing and alignment to life’s true purpose.

Hematite: a powerful shield that protects you in battle - whatever that might mean for you. Draw courage, rest well and shed stress. Tap into your subconscious mind; get to know the unfulfilled desires that drive your life. - Pair Hematite with the Son, or Knight, of Swards.

Howlite: calm turbulent emotions, rage + selfishness to make spake for patience and inner-knowing. Prepare to receive wisdom. - Pair Howlite with The Hermit.

Rose Quartz: give yourself emotional healing; reduce tensions and overcome trauma. This stone aids in the process of mourning. It’s high vibrations soothe ancestral pain and open the heart to great self-love, trust and esteem. Strengthen empathy and compassion to bravely accept change. - Pair Rose Quartz with the Ace of Cups.

Placing each of your crystals before you consider this meditation: I am the maker of my own destiny - past lives and this life’s trauma do not burden me. I live this life informed, impassioned and protected from future harm. I trust my intuition; respect and love myself.


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