​​Black Tourmaline

Updated: Jun 25

A highly directional and revealing crystal. Transform dense energy to a lighter directional flow. Find spiritual energy grounded; chakras and meridians aligned; auric bodies authentic and oppositions flowing away. Enter non-judgmental presence for you mental state: understand yourself and others more clearly, without assigning value. Allow for movement and a dropping into your inner light to engage self-confidence.

Integrate inspiration; flow-states; intuitive trust; tolerance and prosperity to become clear and neutral in triggering experiences.

Finally block against curses and mental attack - ideal for those who are recovering codependents and others unhooking from toxic interpersonal dynamics.

"With bravery I accept myself and others without judgments. Neutral clarity liberates me."


Black Tourmaline with Mica Inclusions

In addition to all of Black Tourmaline's qualities listed above: Black Tourmaline with Mica Inclusions invites us to reflect upon, integrate and reconcile our past with a tenderness. Become increasingly more neutral to what triggers a wounded emotional response; allow the (higher)Self to create spacious rest for your Ego to release what is no longer needed to protect us.