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Virgo Full Moon Tarot: Reconcile + Release

Updated: Jun 5, 2021



The Sun, Venus and Neptune are in Pisces while Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are in Aquarius setting us up for this waning season (Full Moon in Virgo to New Moon in Aries) where intuition and conscious existence will become partners. The High Priestess, although not appearing in our reading, is the ruler of this intertwine, yin and yang. Our humanity as power rising to the center of our existence. Gender roles, social expectations and constructs, submit to our higher Self; our divinity.

The Full Moon in Virgo offers internal safety for those who are open to it.


To the Tarot I asked What do we need to be aware of?

The Spread

A four card reading: A centralizing element above and three aspects for our consideration.

The Pull

Top: X (10) of Wands

Left, Aspect 1: II (2) of Wands

Center, Aspect 2: Father of Pentacles

Right, Aspect 3: Judgement


Accept invitations to reconcile and release burdens not meant for you. Embrace your specific journey of peaceful abundance. Fly, liberated, into the splendor of what is yet to be imagined.


Feeling lost in the forest of the mind? The X(10) of Wands is a period of experiencing, mentally and emotionally processing, in congress with the (highest)Self. Rumination and darkness are brought to the forefront, coming up for healing;emerging. We are invited to know spherically and give attention to what is unreconciled within us, accepting that we are very much the mystery, the map and the revelation. Some advice: Engage in ego-(higher)Self conversations as they arise. They are worthy of our undivided, and tender, attention.

We are reminded that as we tend ourselves we are accepting that we are changeable, mutable.

The invitation to be present for the unseen in the ego, self and (higher)Self is best accepted with compassionate curiosity and willingness to receive even uncomfortable information. In this process consider discomfort, feelings of shame, regret (or the like) as loved ones coming to you, for a healing only you can provide. Give hugs. Give kisses. Give time and space for what is undeniably human within you. Reparent - then invite what no longer serves you to be taken. In doing so, trust that the energetic forces protecting you have the capacity to receive what you are ready to release. Surrender burdens, surrender to the unknown.

Beyond the veil, on the other side of this labor of (higher)Self love, is the unimaginable. That being all that we cannot ask for by name.

Centering our purpose with directionality, an inspired start, the II(2) of Wands asks us to acknowledge where we are. Assign names and tangibility to the world that surrounds. Take note of what is building and built up around you. Recognize the constructs that are of your own design, created by past experience and concretized at your, conscious or subconscious, request. Recognize the constructs built outside of your immediate control; name them. Then ask questions: Do I like this construct, how does it serve me? How does it harm me or others? What is my place within what exists outside of my control? And other "how" and "what" questions that are available for you.

This is not the moment for "why"; this is a time of observation. Neutral, meditative, observation and acceptance of what is. When we can name what is we become less distracted and burdened by the experiences, perceived needs, projections and demands we have internalized from others, and social structures.

It is with acceptance that we might walk our pathway into the unknown. Stake claim to your(!) way forward - do that over and over again until the end of this lifetime.

Inspired and sustained by purpose we take action in this life. The Father(King) of Pentacles reminds us that the wealth that comes from living in (higher)Self purpose feels secure. Wealth, not only monetary, kept to ourselves confines us; while wealth shared liberates us with connection and energetic reciprocity and furtherance: Karma within a Dharma aligned life.

From a place of security we may give freely, without fear or attachment.

The invitation is to accept our capacity to turn internal strength into the power of action. Our actions beget our growth and shape what we can offer. Action supporting ourselves (making sure that our needs are met) inspires action in the support of others.

A mantra: My boundaries in place, my expectations released.

All of this internal and external work makes stronger, and more abundant, all that we are connected with.

As we are making conscious the subconscious we are doing deeply person work relying heavily on our intuition and higher(Self) to guide the way. Judgement in our third aspect calls us to create space for observation, for non-judgement, recognition and reconciliation under the clarifying light of the Sun, for the purpose of discovering how we define ourselves once liberated from the confines of exterior expectation. The invitation here is to claim our readiness and soar into the unimaginable.

We are welcome to the mystery of our futures informed by our experiences, ancestors and guides; we liberate ourselves.


SUNSOAKED Tarot Philosophy: Tarot is a mutualistic and spiralic archetypal narrative: at any given time all aspects of the Tarot are playing out in our conscious and unconscious lives. Reading Tarot is a self-exploratory reflective practice, whether you are reading for yourself or receiving a reading. It is not a predictive measure. The deck I read with is the Wild Unknown from Kim Krans - the non-human, and abstract, visuals on the cards speak to me.

SUNSOAKED Energy is a holistic community dedicated to insight, action and growth.

© Briget Heidmous


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