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A Note: Integrating Intuition

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Integrating intuition might feel like the ongoing labor of cultivating intuitive commune between the Ego and Self. A sustained effort in addressing our learned response to our own intuition, gut response. The effort is challenging and personal, full of expansion and contraction worthy of tender attention.

Many, most of us (if not all of us) have denied our intuition and felt the pain of that denial after the fact. Many of us have had life experiences, been the recipient of gaslighting, that have undermined our self trust; creating dissonance, even bias against our own intuition.

Compassionate, radical, honesty between the Ego and Self is one way we confront, understand and grow beyond learned bias.

Understanding our learned bias is at the same time trauma causing and trauma healing. When an emotionally healthy person becomes aware of the pain they have caused others, they feel grief. (Not the woefully misapplied five stages of grief model originally described by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler Ross, "On Death and Dying". 1969. A model that would have perhaps better served humanity with the title "The Five Archetypes of Grief". *Because, language matters.*)

In this process, of integrating intuition, we are regularly posing questions about ourselves to our selves; and sometimes we are offered questions that call us into, or back to, ourselves.

I'll hazard a claim: the most insight inducing questions revolve around "how" and "in what way". Queries of this type call forth an understanding of the past, potential action to move forward that might further incite growth.

Consider the physical universe: it is neutral. Exerting force on 'it'. On what 'it' is and how 'it' moves indifferent to why 'it' is at all. The how and what of our existence might expound upon the pain (almost universally) inflicted by the phrase "everything happens for a reason".

We don't know that everything happens for a reason. What we do know is this. Everything happens.

We can, with the language of the universe explain how it is what it is. It is with the language of the Self, of intuition and imagination, that we name why it is.

  • In what ways might I be available for transformation?

  • What is clinging onto my life, onto my soul, by thin troublesome threads?

  • What tools might I use to liberate myself, to protect myself?


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