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Virgo New Moon: Tarot for the SUNSOAKED Community


Mercury has gone direct. Jupiter is in retrograde. Communication and processes become more clear, and the conversation turns to expansion and fulfillment. The clarity we're experiencing is because we have revisited conversations, feelings, and techniques of expression during Mercury Retrograde. The identification of and craving for expansion and fulfillment is the center of Jupiter's state as it appears to move backward across the skies. The New Moon in Virgo invites us to step into the darkness to tend to our interpersonal relationships and individual needs. In this, we are called to accept that we have needs and share them clearly and responsibly. We will likely be realigning commitments, partnerships, and situations; we are called to refocus using our instinctual authority. And make plans of a practical nature.


To the Tarot, I asked What do we need to be aware of?


Three cards, three components of the invitation.

The Pull


Daughter of Wands

Ace of Cups


This is a time to drop the drama, hold your own, and become.


I want to keep this month's reading short, sweet, and particularly potent.

In this case, Strength is fortitude and a grounded sense of capability paired with knowing when to use our life force, power, and energy.

Strength is a powerful guide when experiencing both the Daughter of Wands and the Ace of Cups.

The Daughter of Wands, or Page of Wands, is a facet of being, the action of behavior in the making. With infinite possible ways to be, the call is to evoke expansion and fulfillment. There is an increased call to be in the moment, honestly responding to the moment. Ask your highest-self to step in to reduce drama and increase fulfillment. Expansion happens here.

The Ace of Cups, here we go! This is the fresh, altogether new awareness and response to feelings and how we understand our emotional lives, triggered responses, and complex moments. Really embrace yourself -- allow fluidity.

This is a time to drop the drama, hold your own, and become.


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