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Arc Into The Gemini New Moon

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We are on the arc of shadow in the days leading into the New Moon. These are the darkest skies of the month, where we can see the sky's expanse without the moon's cynosure.

Reading Type: Generative Channels

Element 1 in symbiotic flow with Element 2 - Four Cards Between are the connective tissue, channels, or conduits. Useful as a connection reading.

Pulled and written on June 15, 2023, from The Line Hotel, DC. Guided by Hematite.

The Pull

VII (7) Wands

Mother of Swords

II (2) Wands

III (3) Cups

II (2) Pentacles

Son of Cups, Reversed

The Reading

Stepping into one’s own light, allowing perception, expectations, and rejection to fall away. As the suffocation of these themes dissipates, the brighter your light will shine - guiding the way for others to step into their own authentic glow.

Generating light and allowing the mess to fall away is possible through pairing the Son of Cups, Reversed.

Allowing your emotional body to ride the wave - become unattached to how you feel. Feel without judgment - patiently wait for emotional highs and lows to level. This is where perspective resides.

The Channels: An Overview

Relieve attachment with maturated observation (the mother of swords), curiosity (the two of wands), quality time with community and fellowship ( the three of cups), and engage in the spirit of reciprocity (the two of pentacles) as this action flutters the wings of the universe.

All action is an agitation of what was, what is, and the creation of what is to come.

The Channels: Expanded

The Mother of Swords

From your perch of mature awareness and spherical observation, know there is a landscape you cannot see. Let her patient watchfulness call us to step back from the heat of emotions to observe ourselves.

Two of Wands

From a few paces back, we can see the schema - the map - the construction of our emotional world as it relates to our existence. Identify where emotion begins. Feel how it crawls through your nervous system — along the body’s energetic centers.

Three of Cups

Being in trusted fellowship with friends, colleagues, contemporaries, and so on affords us the opportunity to try on our newfound light. And to be seen through our evolution. Our close connections witness our development: they keep our history. They know where we have been - from the grotesque to the grand.

Two of Pentacles

In short: generative energy. The juggling of the internal being with the rest of the world. This is a different kind of way-finding - learning where you physically and existentially feel expansive, where what you put forth is returned to you, increasing the strength of the energetic force. Attention will be required. Dynamics may return our pain and toxic traits (trust - we all have some) amplified.

Invest in the interpersonal dynamics that return your light strengthened. These dynamics are spaces for observation of emotions, understanding, figuring it out, evolution, and non-attachment.

The light of our elevated selves shines infinite as we invest in understanding our complex emotions and engage them with respect, and patience, authentically in spaces we declare safe.

Be open to receiving and adjusting in the process of becoming.


Be yourself. In theory, simple. In practice, a multi-layered challenge impacted by conditioning, social systems, economies, and hierarchies. Take on the challenge with observation, consideration, practice, and calibration.

You know the way. As you walk your path, the superfluous will fall easefully to the side.


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