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Autumnal Equinox: A Period of Maturation

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This reading was pulled at 9:30 EST on September 22, 2020, the exact moment of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

Being in the equinox is drawing breath at halfway. It is no surprise that we enter the Autumnal Equinox gliding right into thoughtful Libra. We are on a threshold, halfway through the annual astrological cycle. The Earth is neither leaning towards nor away from the sun, midway between the Summer and Winter solstice.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox drops us, birthed, into flowing active water while the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox drops us into an contemplative state of sorting, a type of triage fueled by practical needs. In Spring and Summer we spread our roots, and stretch our limbs: we are sprouting and cultivating. Fall and winter are when we stabilize our growth and seek less. We gather our resources and prune.

Some may refer to this as a time for balancing, referring to the scales of Libra. And I want to compassionately challenge this and offer an alternative.

Balance is a form of perfection: perfection is an illusion of control. No one, and nothing, is perfect. And we simply don’t have control over anything except ourselves; a practice by which every living being is challenged. Instead, perhaps the scales of Libra are stalled in a kind of calibration. Stillness after a period of slowing down with the purpose to be more thoughtful, careful and introspective before taking considerate action. Scales are a means for assessment, measurement and the interplay of micro-shifts. The beloved Libra’s in our lives model for us the benefits of calibration and paying attention to our internal worlds.

As we move through this portal we are entering a deep, clean, breath of crisp fall air: even if only metaphorically this year. Currently a good portion of the atmosphere is laced in ash from forest fires and we are protecting our respiratory systems with masks against a virus that is a mystery. We are relying heavily on our throats to bring us breath and bravery.

Our Throat Chakra leverages the way we give language to thoughts, speak to ourselves and speak our truths into the world.

With all of this consideration I chose Black Tourmaline, Apatite and Labradorite to channel a collective need over the next six months.

  • Black Tourmaline to absorb and expunge negativity and ground the cerebral, explorative and communicative natures of Apatite and Labradorite.

  • Apatite will keep you in touch with motivation: bring awareness to patterning and clear away self-sabotage; its energy centers around the throat and third eye chakras.

  • Labradorite connects you to the depth of your self-knowledge, honing intuition and making conscious the unconscious or repressed; its energy flows freely through the seven chakras.

  • White Howlite marks our openness to wisdom.

In meditation I held non-judgemental space receiving information and calls to engage clear speaking; purpose; release; bravery; prioritization; protest; intuition; motivation; deconstruction and recovered consciousness.

We have a 1 and 3 reading here: the card above the theme placement. Crystals as conduits connecting the theme to the three placements below, left to right. Release. Activate. Consider.

I asked the question: What do we need to be aware of this coming half of the astrological calendar?

Theme: IV(4) Pentacles

Crystals, Left to Right: Apatite Gallet, Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Gallet

Release: VII Pentacles

Activation: Mother of Pentacles

Consideration: XXI The World

I planted this clipping from Femme Fatale DC at the Vernal Equinox, 2020 . It is growing right along.

The Message:

We are being called to maturation. We must internalize that discipline is a form of self respect: it is reciprocity between your highest self and your conscious existence.

All that we will do in the next six months will be charged with a sense of self-protection, not to be mistaken for self-interest or selfishness. This Pentacles heavy reading suggests a major, needed, reality check is in motion.

Self protection - creating internal spaciousness are central to this coming half-rotation around the sun. We are discovering much around selfishness and self-value: we are getting very clear about their differences, seeing both in ourselves and in others. We will be having many internal and external conversations surrounding both. This is an age of narcissistic rise; denial of truths and fragmentations. It is a difficult time to remain clear, perceptive and mutable within: be patient and compassionate. External pressures are abundant and we must own our boundaries with a protective spirit. This is likely not to be a sword in the hand type of protection - it is time to protect our energy, pick our battles and cultivate our self-value without external approvals.

Aura clearing, and energetic field transformations, are ahead. We will be tending our internal lights through times of change. We are stepping into a new decade. We are voting and charged with taking the first steps in course-correcting centuries of trauma and neglect. Space creation is a control burn: removing the dead without reducing the landscape to nothing. We are learning this lesson right now in the American West, in an attempt to protect property forests were not allowed to burn naturally, now they burn hotter and are more destructive. When before they would clear the dead offering enriched soil for new growth.

Release Placement: The VII of Pentacles lets us know that we are releasing outdated definitions of prosperity; in cleared space we are developing more productive versions of prosperity.

Facades and fallacies will be revealed to those who have their eyes open. The performative is crumbling - reality is pushing aside veils of perfection. We are being called to deconstruct shameless facades and rigid frameworks. Natural disasters, fascism, global health crisis and economic depression are weighing in on this moment. If we are available to accept reality, no matter how challenging, we will be able to emerge to a more humanist, less transactional and profitable world.

With self-cultivation, self-protection, in mind: Launch that socially engaged business; publish your writing. Take measured steps towards sharing your highest purpose over the next months. Let motivation and opportunity fill you. The standardized, approved, ways of operation are on precarious footing. Prepare to step forward, into a kind of vacuum, with solutions. Will alone will not carry you through: relearn motivation. Establish a productive relationship with intuition and reality checks.

Activation Placement: The Mother of Pentacles calls us to get practical. It’s like this: buy the shoes that will carry you through instead of the fast fashion sandal. Invest in the foundations of your journey. Get ready to speak up from a place of truth and build with your highest self in mind. This is not a time for wishful thinking. This is about doing what can be done in service to your highest interests. We are serving the self. We must be in service to our long term needs, our fulfillment. This is not a time for cheap thrills. If you need community right now do the personal you need to do to build community. Speak up in a way that calls others to be in conversation with you. If you need quiet and separation give yourself that too - do it with compassion and tell those actively engaging in your life what you need.

Service to self tips into the realm of self-serving when the community building comes from warning to make a name for yourself or have a nameless following. It becomes selfish to ghost your friends and loved ones or disappear in hopes that you will be chased.

Consideration Placement: The World reminds us that we leave this journey for another only when we emerge evolved, prepared to embrace what is new on the other side of realization. We are called to speak the world we want into existence, then do something about it. Motivation, self respect and radical honesty are forms of compassion. Each are states that free us to form what we can no longer abide. We inherited corrupt governments; familial characteristics and ancient energetic bonds. We must be ready to let go of the stories and unhelpful narratives that keep us complacent. We do not, can not and should not attempt to control what already exists - we are emerging to build anew.


SUNSOAKED Tarot Philosophy:   Tarot is a mutualistic and spiralic archetypal narrative: at any given time all aspects of the Tarot are playing out in our conscious and unconscious lives. Reading Tarot is a self-exploratory reflective practice, whether you are reading for yourself or receiving a reading. It is not a predictive measure. The deck I read with is the Wild Unknown from Kim Krans - the non-human, and abstract, visuals on the cards speak to me. 

SUNSOAKED Energy is a holistic community dedicated to insight, action and growth.

© Briget Heidmous


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