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Cancer New Moon: Structure, Conditioning, and Internalized Pressures

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Pulled at the time of the new moon, July 17, 2023, and read in Washington, DC. Tarot insights and writing by Briget Heidmous.


The New Moon in Cancer is accompanied by the Moon’s North Node moving into Aries, and the Ascendant, or South Node, entering Libra. As the axis of the moon shifts, so do the tides. During this time, we are called to enter our emotional worlds to nurture and nourish the parts of us that scream internally.

Maybe that is frustration that comes from being misunderstood or perceptions of rejection — the menace of a younger self that demands attention.

The North Node in Aries brings us closer to that cardinal fire within while we grapple with the justice of the South Node in Libra. We won’t be talking about bringing anything into balance. For balance is an impossibility, like that of perfection. And we don’t seek perfection around here.

Libra might be widely associated with idealized balance – when really the Librian archetype is the adjudicator. The referee - observing seeking to understand the cause and the effect of being while being willing to blow the whistle and pick a direction.

With this energy afloat it is no surprise that this SUNSOAKED New Moon Reading differs from any other.

As a July Cancer myself - this Cancer New Moon has had me in my feelings - up all night, sick to my stomach, and feeling the pressure and weight of my emotional world.

So here we are.


To the Tarot I asked on our behalf: “What might we know?” “Show us guidance to tend our mental and spiritual fitness.”


1:2;3;4;1, Guided by A Cathedral Amethyst Point

1: The Hierophant

2: Three of Cups | Two of Cups, Reversed

3: Ten of Cups | Seven of Pentacles, Reversed | Ace of Swords, Reversed

4: Eight of Cups, Reversed | The Hanged Man | Four of Wands, Reversed | Nine of Swords, Reversed

1: Daughter of Wands


Everyone is going through it. Seek no validation. Know that your feelings are valid, and keep your behavior in check to stay aligned with your elevating internal world. Release expectations and restructure.


We are assessing the rules - the hierarchies of our social groups, the beliefs we hold as fact, and greater socially inflicted demands on each of us. The Hierophant brings us into a paired emotional (Cancer New Moon) and intellectual (South Node in Libra) with undertones of forceful directionality (North Node in Aries). From our assessments we will take action differently in our lives based on our highest Self, inspired by refreshed understandings of faith (in ourselves, the universe, and higher powers that guide us) and purpose.

The Three of Cups: Creative partnerships abound, and we revel in our tightest groups of understanding - where we feel welcome to share our ideas, passions, and joys. Knowing they will be amplified and returned to us further inspired. Further cherished. This is generative energy; we find this in companionship.

The Two of Cups, Reversed tells us not to get too attached, too forceful with our will to partner with another, with a version of ourselves, and with a creative thought. Practice non-attachment and mull around ideas and passions, and speak openly and clearly to those with whom you feel connection. Expect, as in energetically demand, nothing in return.

The Ten of Cups reinforces that unencumbered joyfulness will come from released expectations as it interacts with the Two of Cups, Reversed and the Seven of Pentacles, Reversed.

We are being tested here - to slow down and assess before acting (Ace of Swords, Reversed) and there is a call to stop looking at our experiences, ourselves as broken (Eight of Cups, Reversed).

We are reconstructing: Rebuilding our relationship to self and our invincible wellspring of joy - and I mean this - our invincible wellspring of joy.

Sometimes we aren’t dipping into this spring because we are blocked. Concentrating on what we don’t have rather than reveling in what is available to us - community and connection. Even if you find yourself in solitude, you are cultivating community by going to see that painting you love, walking in the woods, sipping coffee in the corners of cafes, moving your body in the gym or yoga studio — and the list goes on.

Our intimate relationships, loose ties, and our internal worlds are the prosperity we take with us through difficult financial times, feeling outside of flow with the physical world, loss of housing, and this list goes on as well.

The Hanged Man says “Be still, become the night” — this invitation to do little and probe into the world energetically and call back energy to The Self. Connect with our higher purpose.

Water, fire, and air engulf the moon — surrounding our emotional spaces. The churning is only natural, part of the process. Essential really.

The Four of Wands, Reversed in connection with The Hanged Man and the Nine of Swords, Reversed, indicates the oscillation between celebrating your personal accomplishments: specifically around behavior changes and the pressure of the mind.

On the one hand, we are celebrating things like not hitting the snooze button, doing the skincare routine, showing up on time, muting the ex (lover/friend), and this list goes on. On the other hand, we are in the growth phase where none of it feels like enough.

When the celebration beings to unravel into “it’s not good enough” step into that self-tending space of The Hanged Man to say “I’m plenty, as in enough and abundant.”

The Daughter of Wands reminds us that the patterns of growth are infinite and no one is immune.

A reminder here – everyone is going through it. Seek no validation. Know that your feelings are valid and continue to check your behavior.

As we all, ALL, rearrange our internal lives and shift behaviors to elevate we are feeling a lot and we must release attachments to what has become our standard. Circling all the way back to The Hierophant - we have the keys to our elevated futures.


Briget Heidmous [Washington DC] is a Tarot reader and educator, artist, and social-enterprise thought leader. Briget has a bias-aware and trauma-informed approach to (higher)Self-Tending with crystals + Tarot. Briget professionalized her Tarot practice in 2018 and launched SUNSOAKED in 2020.

To learn more about Briget:


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