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Capricorn New Moon Tarot: Self-Tending

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Placement:

New Moon conjunction with Pluto shares Capricorn and the Fourth House with the Sun and Venus. It's clear, we are entering a period of awareness and creativity that relies heavily on our Spirit and intuition. We are led by a healthy sense of discipline.

This has been called an ambitious time: ambition being almost universally categorized with 21st Century and failing capitalist lenses. What happens if we rediscover and redefining ambition with the Self, and our intuition, at the lead?

Frankly, we are dealing with many complex emotions. Rejection and unrecognized or unreconciled traumas are coming up to be healed throughout this cycle.

Our intuition is undergoing fundamental transformation: depth and clarity are our calling - inviting in complexities. The neutral universe, that cares for the physical alignment and motions of things, will be cracking the spine. Chiropracticly nudging you and your highest towards profitable alignment. Like any major adjustment it’s going to be filled with the breadth of possibilities. Venus is accompanying us on their unstoppable push towards development. We are all going to feel it; questions are being raised.

In what ways will I be available? What is clinging onto my life, onto my soul, by thin troublesome threads? What tools might I use to liberate myself, too protect myself?

These questions and our answers to them are the most humbling. And, the beautiful by-product of Self-centered ambition.

The Crystals + Meditation:

Holding non-judgemental, or neutral, presence in meditation with Elestial Quartz, Labradorite and a Smoky Quartz Point I received the following requests for energetic attention:

  • Responding to Aggressors

  • Repressed trauma leading to reactionary responses

  • Way-finding, familial ties and the necessities of trauma-bond breaking

  • Gaslighting, reality integrations and intuition responses

  • Planning and staying available to the mystery

  • Accepting we control only ourselves

The Message:

Coming to terms with reality; tending our internal worlds is the ineffable process of Self-revolution. Accepting that Self-control is a form of peaceful integration; that it may be the way through all things.


SUNSOAKED Tarot Philosophy:   Tarot is a mutualistic and spiralic archetypal narrative: at any given time all aspects of the Tarot are playing out in our conscious and unconscious lives. Reading Tarot is a self-exploratory reflective practice, whether you are reading for yourself or receiving a reading. It is not a predictive measure. The deck I read with is the Wild Unknown from Kim Krans - the non-human, and abstract, visuals on the cards speak to me. 

SUNSOAKED Energy is a holistic community dedicated to insight, action and growth. © Briget Heidmous


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