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Green Calcite

A partner in tuning the vagus nerve – the main nerve grouping of your parasympathetic nervous system. Controlling, digestion, the heart, and the immune system. Engage in emotion-body symbiosis.  

Transition into movement through the intentional and disciplined action. 

Transmute rigidity and outdated conditioning. Decondition with active awareness. Return to your natural state of flow, peace, response, and self-trust in your decision-making process. Useful for anyone who feels that comfort has become rot, or the familiar has become stale. 

Amplify communication that is aware of the ego rather than driven by it. Learn to partner with your conscious, subconscious, idealistic, and practical self. Especially useful for Cancer and Cancer placements, and the throat, heart, head, mind, splenic, and sacral energy centers. 

“I trust my body to know the way.”


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