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A Spacious Virgo Full Moon in Pisces

Opposition affords us the opportunity to get clear.

Opposing celestial bodies come into alignment during the New Moon in Pisces: 1:22 AM EST on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. Sun opposite Moon. Pisces opposing Virgo generates a space free from outside pressures. 

Illusion falls away - clarity and reality are present in the energetic spaciousness created by these traversing bodies. 

This season we are impacted by The Hermit, IX in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. The Hermit reminds us to get close and comfortable with our internal worlds; to grow and protect our inner light. Our candle within is something we cultivate and protect so it may never be blown out - we are it’s guardian. Only when we are fueled can we spark the fires of others. And give luminosity to our auric field.

This planetary status and The Hermit beckon us to place our light, our strength, at the center of all we do. We are challenged to act in accordance with our purpose. In this time, and the weeks to come, hope and faith are ours to integrate. We are meant to receive them and we are worthy. 

The Full Moon in Pisces will call upon our spiritual well being. This is a common calling card of Amethyst; which is an often overlooked crystal companion to The Hermit and Virgo Sun Signs.  Meditation and boundaries are essential now.

Meditation heavily impacts our ability to understand, respect and guide our internal lives with compassion and acceptance. Amethyst supports us, reminding us to strengthen sour dexterity and transforms our internal rhetoric towards higher vibrations.  For clarity: meditation can happen wherever we are and it does not require perfect conditions. Sipping your cacao from Jícara Ancestral Remedies, letting healing infuse your body while sitting on a curb is mediation. Walking in solidarity against oppression breathing in the pain, joy and fortitude of those sharing the moment is meditation. Meditation is a time of judgement-less self exploration and gratitude.

Now, we must talk about boundaries. A light only glows strong when it is protected with enough space and fuel to flourish. Boundaries can be between us and others; they can also be drawn within us. This might mean saying no when a client reschedules - or canceling a meeting because they come unprepared. This can also mean letting yourself know that you don’t text your toxic ex when you’re lonely or that you speak to yourself with compassion from here forward. Amethyst opens our inter-dimensional awareness; it is ideal for meditation and constructing boundaries that serve our highest selves. Set aside judgement at this time, your own and those project upon you from without. Give yourself license to accept your true path. 


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