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A Note: Reversals

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Reversals have a reputation of being "bad" an omen of wrongness or negativity. This could not more incorrect because the Tarot works only to bring us information to support our highest self.

The Tarot is not capable of evil.

Reversals can mean many things. They can note resistance on our part. They can call us to surrender. They can signal a time favoring active contemplation over direct action. Cards in reverse may ask us to question our mindset toward, and collective definition, of a card; reconsider the driving narrative. A card may be reversed to be emphatic, the themes request more attention.

I find the last to be especially true if the reversal is a card that has been showing up often but am not connecting with. I'm being asked to spend a little more time there.

When an entire spread appears in reverse it is fair to choose to read it as upright. Mathematically speaking two quantitative negatives equal a positive.

The most important thing about reversals is to use your intuition and remember the Tarot does not wish you harm.


SUNSOAKED Tarot Philosophy:   Tarot is a mutualistic and spiralic archetypal narrative: at any given time all aspects of the Tarot are playing out in our conscious and unconscious lives. Reading Tarot is a self-exploratory reflective practice, whether you are reading for yourself or receiving a reading. It is not a predictive measure. The deck I read with is the Wild Unknown from Kim Krans - the non-human, and abstract, visuals on the cards speak to me. 

SUNSOAKED Energy is a holistic community dedicated to insight, action and growth. © Briget Heidmous


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