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Scorpio New Moon: Astrological Aspects

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

New Moon in Scorpio, Sextile Jupiter and Pluto

Allow things to flow into alignment. Do not attempt to force, or control, aspects - new, unimaginable outcomes are in the making. The universe is responding to your efforts and your attention. See our New Moon Tarot Reading.

Ask: What am I intensely putting effort into right now?

In case nothing comes up for you immediately breathe into your body - on the out-breath, make space Step back to view what you are resisting or blocking; perhaps what you are too close to, to see. Remember: Fortifying barriers is intense effort; holding on is too. Additionally, we all encounter aspects in life that we are too close to, to see clearly.

No matter where you are intensely putting effort you can be ready to receive for your highest purpose. Accept and release to receive with a bit more vulnerability.

Stay available to opportunities, to tests, to gifts that are coming your way. Affirm to yourself that you are ready. Answer calls and bids for your attention after asking: Is this in the interest of my highest self? Get radically honest here. Not engaging a call for attention is always possible and sometimes it is the best response for us.

Our call to maturation from the Autumnal Equinox persists: compassionate, albeit radical, reception is more available than usual. We are reminded that receiving can be uncomfortable, even painful. Receiving a rejection of our vulnerability can hurt. And, it can be the greatest gifts because it is real. If you’re feeling what is hard about your experience right now, you're being honest with yourself. Keep that up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, take a break. Rest, but don’t stop.

We entered this New Moon in Scorpio following a passage of scrutiny, manipulation and chaos. Absolutely we have seen this in grandiosity on the social and political levels, that sphere has been calling much of our attention. We’ve been certainly been experiencing these same energies in our internal lives, consciously or unconsciously. In our most tender relationships, our relationship to self foremost we have been vying, willing even, instead of asking. Bidding with unclear motives. Willing perhaps against our highest interests.

This New Moon and lunar cycle calls us to tend our relationships with compassionate clarity and fairness. Consider: What stories are we assigning here? Are they true? Are they untrue? What is my role in the narrative?

We are stepping through avoidance and suspicion, out of manipulation for a more direct and vulnerable approach.

Jupiter + Pluto in Sextile to New Moon in Scorpio

Pluto denotes creation and destruction. Jupiter brings about death. They are harbingers of truth, of evolution even when no attention is given. If we are paying attention these celestial bodies are a calling of personal, and systemic, revolution. This is masterful energy meeting on a fresh-as-hell playing field. Aspects made every more vivacious by the New Moon’s nature.

Each New Moon we are placed in the intangible space between death and birth. In the space we are smoldering ash and embers sparking the next. It is a tender space for assessment and appreciation. Rest even.

It is like viewing a favorite painting in a museum (oh how I miss this) or watching a lover do that thing. It is witnessing a child entering a palpable flow state.

In the reading we can consider death and birth aspect of each card, in their respective placements.


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