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Gemini New Moon Tarot Reading for the SUNSOAKED Community.

Pulled a read in Washington, DC. Read and written by Briget Heidmous.


The Gemini New Moon is square Neptune - inspiration, illusion, and misdirection are magnified in the sensory deprivation of the New Moon’s sky. Imaginations will wander and let them. Mental wanderings reveal the points of intersection between who we are and who we desire to be.

Have the thoughts - jot them down. Let them go.

From this moment of the lunar cycle, moving through Gemini and Cancer — practice deep, personal knowledge without attachment to the outcome.

Give it a try, uncomfortable as it may be.


To the Tarot, I asked: What do we need to be aware of?

The Spread

Confluence Reading: Three cards showing us the nexus of archetypal energies during this lunar cycle.

The Pull

Top: Father of Cups

Bottom Left: VIII (8) of Swords

Bottom Right: The Chariot

Guided by Kyanite


Your emotional world shows you where you are; you are building in that space, standing at the threshold, and taking in that deep breath of courage.

Let it out, and step into the unknown. You are anew.


Emotional mastery - the awareness of deep knowing that we are guided by and are not our emotions. A continuation from last month - our emotions show us where we are, not who we are.

Emotions will flow as you allow in curiosity and trust your mind to show you around your conscious and subconscious spaces. Notice them, sit in the mud with them –- do not react to them. I mean, if you gotta cry - cry, but don’t call your ex or blow up your life to relieve the pressure of the experience.

This is the time to observe. The VIII (8) of Swords shows us how.

Hang out until the time is right - do not rush or avoid. Be! Regardless of the pressure, be where you are.

The gooeyness you feel as you reside inside the chrysalis of this time is yours. Play with it. Show it you know how to hold it. You will conspire with your healed ancestors, well-guides, benevolent tools (like the Tarot), and the universe to build your new structures.

Stand in the wildness of your being - as you are the eye of all emotional storms within.

Your self-esteem, willpower, and focus are essential to charting your future course.

The Chariot, most commonly associated with Cancer Season, is an invitation to explore the multiverse - the internal world, the universe beyond, and the connections in life. Do this from the empowered and generative self.

Your emotional world shows you where you are; you are building in that space and standing at the threshold, taking in that deep breath of courage.

Talk to yourself differently - speak affirmations to yourself: release imposed pressure and stride down your path.


Briget Heidmous [Washington DC] is a Tarot reader and educator, artist, and social-enterprise thought leader. Briget has a bias-aware and trauma-informed approach to (higher)Self-Tending with crystals + Tarot. Briget professionalized her Tarot practice in 2018 and launched SUNSOAKED in 2020.

To learn more about Briget:


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