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Embrace your emotional body. Give up resistance to awakening. Give up false perceptions of control. Focus inward to heal. Allow your highest self to guide you towards center: release ego-guided control dynamics stemming from victimhood, martyrdom, even codependence. This crystal supports those attuned in reimagining unhealthy foundational notions by rebuilding platforms for presence; spaces for spiritual awakening; powerful catharsis or wholesale verbal discharge of pain. Consider a wholesale severing of negative energy from your healthy body. With an oceanic, organismal, appearance the stone physically expresses the beauty of growth in geologic time; the impacts of erosion as well as the depth, mystery and strength of our emotional, intuitive, body-Self connections.

Especially useful in Gemini, Libra placements and with the Heart Chakra.

Working with Epidote might feel intense for those who have not previously engaged in psychological work regarding their own trauma or inner-child work. At SUNSOAKED we understand that crystals will take us as far as we are ready each time we work with them.

“I am ready for awakening. I release labor that is not meant for me.”


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