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Smoky Elestial Quartz | Skeletal Quartz

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

This crystal encapsulates the energetic gifts of Smoky Quartz and Elestial Quartz. The structure often hosts inclusions and growth patterns that present skeletal features: sparking the title “Skeletal Quartz”. On rare occasions this crystal may hold water within, from the time it was formed; described as en-hydro.

Clear away with an intensity. Upturn and gut what no longer serves you; from the root. Find your way to the marrow, the skeletal depth, of what you are experiencing. Accept and drop into your Self-centered path. Release Karmic, ancestral and past-life enmeshment. Be liberated from patterns of unhelpful, harmful and/or self-effacing patterns of behavior and rhetoric. Step into a rooted yet cerebral spaciousness of your own making: give yourself the opportunity to take a step back, tenderly look in on your existence. Safely view what you have been unhealthily close to.

An excellent partner in past-life work; trauma-informed generational healing, even Internal Family Systems therapies. Stake claim to and create productive space to explore your ego-Self dynamics. Embrace regeneration; spiritual revolution; energetic enhancement; even discomfort.

Especially useful in Moon placements.

“Radical honesty is healing - I tenderly address the marrow of my lived experience in congress with my highest Self.”


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