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Black Tourmaline with Mica

Updated: May 3

With all the qualities of Black Tourmaline with the addition of mica:

Call in protection that is fortified, capable of disarming, and thin enough a veil to see beyond, making it possible to identify and interpret danger. While working with this stone, we may see that what we once called danger reveals itself as benign, even tender. Become aware of bias, towards the self and others, with this complex combination stone. Intuitively know the difference between reality, fallacy, and the unknown. Although mica is fragile, it filters, reflects, and refracts light - inviting us to do the same. These qualities make it efficient at creating an easeful sphere, or energetic body, of security when we feel most vulnerable. Place this by your bed, at your work station, in meditation spaces, and in other places of rest, labor, and tending.

If your workspace is within the same spaces that you live or sleep; place Black Tourmaline at your desk.

Especially useful for Libra placements.

“I know what safety feels like.”

“Evolution is my birthright.”


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