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Scorpio New Moon Tarot: Receiving + Self-Guidance

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

This SUNSOAKED crystal guided Tarot reading for the New Moon in Scorpio, Sextile Jupiter and Pluto was pulled November 13, 2020. Learn more about this placement.

Considering the placement of the Scorpio New Moon, Sextile Jupiter and Pluto I have chosen Rose and Smoky Quartz with Serpentine for channeling the collective spirit of our community.

  • Rose Quartz for trauma informed love and self-respect

  • Smoky Quartz to remind us to stay grounded in the mystery of life.

  • Serpentine for acceptance and work with the Self and the Ego

In meditation I held non-judgemental space receiving information and calls to become aware of what is a mystery inside of us, informed and accepting of our own traumas and the trauma of our communities. How do we respond respecting ourselves, holding, building and restricting boundaries. Patience and respect are at the forefront of this time. Your life is right on schedule be patient and respectful to yourself and others.

Know that love, giving, receiving, care, affection and compassion are abundant, limitless. An abundance mindset paired with growth minded behavior is our way through. Both mindsets permit us to accept our past, ourselves and our path.

Acceptance with compassion leads the Self in partnership with the Ego. Give your ego time to acclimate, coach it. Converse with it, let it know it is safe in the glow of your inner light.

If need be, ask the Ego to step aside so you might show it a new way, model how it can trust your highest power. Let it know you are always ready to work together even when conflict arises - let it know that compassion, respect, patience and boundaries will always be present in your relationship.


To the Tarot I asked What do we need to be aware of?

The Spread

This lunar cycle I pulled at five card, x shaped, layout. Reading the center card first, as the heart of the matter. The left side top to bottom, then the right, top to bottom.

The Pull

Center, Heart of the Matter/Theme: IV(4) Cups Reversed

Top Left, Aspect One: Ace of Swords Reversed

Bottom Left, Aspect Two: IV(4) Swords Reversed

Top Right, Aspect Three: The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Bottom Right, The Way Through: The Devil Reversed

The reading was pulled in full reversal. Introduction to SUNSOAKED Reversal Philosophy.


You’re empowered - it is your right to be self-guided, and guided by non-authoritative higher powers specific to your path, your energetic existence.

IV Cups, in this case, is calling us to note where we lack compassion for the Self, experience self-denial reacting to judgement, fear, self-criticism. Perhaps stemming from a fear of getting it wrong.

Instead of receiving we might be guarding our cups, ourselves, from the light of compassion, of abundance and opportunity. This form of denial is easy to fall into under normal circumstances and is certainly exacerbated by the global events of 2020.

We are taught to perfect, make better or deny ourselves rather than appreciate ourselves, and our divinity. In many ways we are expected to surrender our light to other people and systems rather than cultivate the light ourselves. There is a historical expectation that we give up our gifts for the greater good, that the many forms of power will shine it back upon us when we are deserving. Instead, we were meant to glow and light the world, all of us. No one gives us permission and no one has the authority to strip you of the like.

The reversal of this card asks us to make ourselves available to receive without the gatekeeping mindsets of criticism, fear and ego-wounds. By making ourselves available to receive our purpose and light we accept our path. Do not conform against your better judgement right now, don’t diminish yourself. Take time to be receptive - don't rush.

Ace of Swords in it’s placement reminds us not to act willfully or from a place of non-alignment with our highest purpose. It’s reversal preaches patience, preparation and acceptance. Consider: Urgency comes from a scarcity and stagnated mindset - if you’re feeling behind, you’re not. If you’re feeling like you need this thing to happen just as you’ve imagined so you can do this other thing - question that belief. It is likely untrue, stemming from a place of unreconciled or under-acknowledged trauma.

You don’t need to stick to a step by step plan. There are infinite moves available at any time, more often than not one will come to you when you are patient, receptive. Inspiration will strike: the move will come like lightning - you will feel the charge. You will become lightning, a force, when you are working in accordance with your path; in congress with your highest, guided, self.

We are challenged here to stay warm, nimble - enlivened to receive.

IV of Swords in this placement and state reiterates the benefits, even necessity of accepting with compassion as a means of cultivating inner light. The external pressures of micro and macro expectations will be held at a safe distance when you do.

You’re empowered - it is your right to be self-guided, and guided by non-authoritative higher powers specific to your path, your energetic existence.

Train your thinking on what it means for you to be self-guided. Consider this deeply throughout this lunar cycle: journal about it. Talk about it with friends; communities. Bring it up!

The Wheel of Fortune reversed in this placement is so clear - do not resist your path.

Do not give into illusions of control. Accept and internalize that you are wise, you know the way even through mystery - especially through mystery. Accept that every moment is marvelously out of your control. Surrender - you’re prepared for what is coming next.

Seriously, stop trying to control shit that is not you. Instead build yourself. Accept yourself and your path. You’re ready for the mysterious journey; especially when you are self-guided.

Let’s get radically honest about this: The self-guided journey is not easy, it won’t be a staged pathway of achievement. It will be circuitous, you’ll fall. The journey will hurt. The self-guided journey will also be filled with joy, light and you will have a beautiful relationship with yourself.

The Way Through - The Devil - first, there is much misconception about this card. Y'all. The Devil is not evil. The Devil is a role model of sorts. Biblically The Devil was in part banished from Heaven for creating their own light, accepting their-self and rejecting the servitude that a hierarchical father demanded. The Devil can remind us that we are human, that we are self-guided that there are reactions to every action.

Here, The Devil calls us to liberation - be in contact with your nature-given fire. Be with that. Internalize it. Do what is just, especially when what is just has been condemned. Do what is in your highest power and highest interest regardless of who feels threatened by it. Do things like overthrow the patriarchy; leave your abuser; give up responsibility for family secrets; write that novel.

You are not causing harm when others are uncomfortable with all that fire in you.

The Devil reminds us that we do not need to rage, explode or diminish others as we stake claim to ourselves. That behavior is not in our highest power, that is energy wasted. So check in.

With this New Moon in Scorpio we are welcomed to let go of what needs to die without being destructive. Death is release. A way of creating space made possible by accepting our infinite wealth of love, respect and compassion. All things that we can give ourselves; then others, when we are called to do so.


SUNSOAKED Tarot Philosophy:   Tarot is a mutualistic and spiralic archetypal narrative: at any given time all aspects of the Tarot are playing out in our conscious and unconscious lives. Reading Tarot is a self-exploratory reflective practice, whether you are reading for yourself or receiving a reading. It is not a predictive measure. The deck I read with is the Wild Unknown from Kim Krans - the non-human, and abstract, visuals on the cards speak to me. 

SUNSOAKED Energy is a holistic community dedicated to insight, action and growth. © Briget Heidmous


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